Zgo Technologies ZG1 Single Monitor Arm Review: Versatile Value

2020 has proven to be a year full of surprises and challenges. Many jobs involve some computer work, but when the self-quarantine period set in, the number of hours of in front of a computer screen while working or virtual meetings skyrocketed. After working from home for weeks on what I considered to be a large laptop screen, the neck and back pain set in and I decided to search for a monitor arm. My main requirements were mostly something sleek, minimalistic, adjustable but sturdy that would optimize my small working space and eliminate my fears of harming my brand-new monitor. ZGO Technologies sent out their ZG1 single monitor arm which fulfilled all these requirements, and more.

zgo zg1 review

Unboxing, Impressions & Setup

It arrived in a small to medium sized box which was packed strategically. The instructions consisted of only pictures, which I usually appreciate. However, one part of set up was unclear in the graphic which was frustrating as there were no typed instructions. I then discovered step-by-step set up videos online, which were incredibly helpful! The videos have each set-up step demonstrated clearly, and I am fully confident I set up my monitor appropriately, I only wish this information were typed on the outside of the instructions to save some time. Another thing to note was that set up time was quick as it probably took me less than 5 minutes once I found the video. 

zgo technologies zg1 monitor arm review

The design of the U-shaped metal brackets allowed me to slide the long end under the desk and the short end into the back of the base of the desk clamp. Let me reiterate, the base of the desk clamp has a foam lining that will protect the surface of your desk, however, the brackets to secure the clamp are made of metal. While metal means it might not be the best option if you have a sensitive desktop material, like glass, the design means no climbing under the table to secure it! That’s right! Their innovative design allowed me to assemble and secure the mount base from above using hex tools, allowing me to ensure correct positioning on the desk while tightening.

zgo technologies zg1 monitor arm base

Speaking of designs, this monitor arm is full of innovation as they strategically place cover plates to hide hex screws that tighten the base of the clamp, use magnetic side panels to hide Allen wrenches, and a rubber plug that hides the tension spring. All of this means that this monitor arm not only delivers on sleek design, but your tools are always in the arm, so you won’t lose them!

zgo technologies zg1 monitor arm tool storage
zgo zg1 tool storage

After securing the base of the monitor arm, the angled link and dynamic link slid into place like a glove. This monitor arm allows you to choose a 180 stop or a full 360 range of motion, offering versatility in uses. After the arm was ready to go, I placed the VESA screws into the monitor and secured it. I was pleased to find that the VESA has a latch, allowing the end of the tilt mechanism to slid up into the plate and locking it into place, so that it will not slide when you push up on the monitor! I’ve had nightmares of adjusting my monitor with it flying off the monitor arm, so this simple device put my paranoia at bay. After sliding the VESA onto the tilt mechanism and closing the latch, the tension was adjusted.

zgo zg1 monitor tilt
Here you can see the monitor tilt functionality of the ZGO ZG1.

As if all of my criteria for a monitor arm were met at this point, the ZG1 has a beautiful and symmetrical cable management system. The design is so sleek, it took another view of the video to figure out how to remove the pieces (seriously this video was the smartest thing ever done). They are also wide and long, so the cables sit in there nicely while you are securing it back to the arm.

zgo zg1 monitor depth adjust
Here you can see the monitor depth functionality of the ZGO ZG1. Our Lenovo 4K display is fully against the wall.
zgo zg1 monitor arm extended
Now the 4K monitor is partially extended.


The ZG1 monitor arm seriously goes above and beyond to meet not only functionality (who else puts a secret compartment for tools?!) but aesthetic appeal. With my paranoia and OCD satisfied, I did not think this monitor could get any more perfect. But once again, they surpass expectations by including removable and replaceable magnetic side panels that can be changed as soon as I get bored with the current color or design.

zgo zg1 side panels
zgo zg1 cable management

They not only included a wide range of colors, which of course included 4 solid white panels for consistency, but also had fun designs and some with logos.

zgo zg1 monitor arm customization
zgo zg1 monitor arm
zgo zg1 monitor arm review


This monitor arm proves that you don’t always get what you pay for, with a price tag of $169.99 and a current sale price of $139.99, you get so much more. If you still aren’t convinced, they offer a 10-year warranty and construct the arms from 29% recycled material and the entire arm is 99% recyclable (yay sustainability!) This monitor arm is so much better than I could have dreamed of as it offers versatility in monitor placement (I can stand up and have this almost eye level) and takes up very little space of my desk when collapsed. This monitor arm is truly getting “bang for your buck” as it is sturdy, versatile, and with interchangeable side panels, you will never get sick of looking at it.

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