ADATA XPG Summoner RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Today we are reviewing the ADATA XPG Summoner RGB mechanical gaming keyboard, the latest keyboard in ADATA’s XPG lineup. Featuring Cherry MX key switches, several RGB modes, a magnetic wrist rest, media controls, macros, USB passthrough and an aluminum frame design, this keyboard has a lot going for it. As ADTA continues to expand into the PC gaming peripheral space, their products have continually improved. We especially liked the Battleground XL mouse mat, an excellent item to pair with the XPG Summoner. Let’s see how the XPG Summoner fares!

Unboxing & Overview

The outside of the box features a large photo of the XPG summoner with its RGB lights on and the magnetic wrist rest attached. Icons on the box depict additional features such as the media controls, USB pass-through port and included replaceable keycaps.

xpg summoner review

The back of the box provides a further breakdown of the keyboard and the materials used in its construction such as the sandblasted aluminum frame and 100% Cherry MX mechanical switches.

xpg summoner box

The keyboard is well protected in the box with foam padding on both sides, locking it in, ensuring no unintended movement or damage during shipping.

xpg summoner unboxing

Underneath the keyboard are the replaceable keycaps, a key removal tool and the magnetic wrist rest.

xpg summoner accessories

Here is the XPG Summoner with the magnetic wrist rest attached. We love the design, with its gunmetal gray color scheme, metal construction and magnetic wrist rest. Speaking of the wrist rest, it’s extremely easy to attach and is the epitome of comfort. It appears to be made with leather and has memory foam padding, making it the most comfortable wrist rest we’ve tested to date.

adata xpg summoner review

Here’s the back of the wrist rest, it has several padded bumpers which protect whatever surface it is placed on.

xpg summonery cherry mx red

The XPG Summoner uses a large, easy to read font on the keys which we appreciate. We received a Cherry MX Red version. The XPG Summoner is also available with Blue and Speed Silver keys.

adata xpg summoner keyboard

The back of the keyboard. It also has rubber bumpers to protect the surface upon which it is placed.

adata xpg summoner gaming keyboard

Here is the metal volume wheel and USB .0 type A passthrough port. The metal volume wheel is very well made and like the wrist rest, is a standout feature on this keyboard. I adjust the volume on my computer all day as I’m watching videos and listening to music, so I more than most appreciate both the inclusion and quality of the XPG Summoner’s volume wheel.

xpg summoner usb pass through

Features & Performance

The XPG Summoner has seven RGB modes: Static, Breathing, Trigger, Explosion, Color Cycle, Color Wave and WASD mode. Hardcore RGB enthusiasts will likely want more customization over the RGB modes such as the ability to choose from millions of colors but for myself, a person who hates RGB and could care less, the RGB backlighting on the XPG Summoner is just fine.

xpg gaming keyboard
The XPG Summoner with the XPG Battleground XL.

There are five macro keys which can be recorded to via holding down the FN key and profile button to select a profile, then pressing the FN key and right ALT key to start recording. Finally, record the sequence and then hold FN and the right ALT key to stop recording and press the key that you want the macro to be stored on. We’d like to see ADATA create some software for all their accessories, à  la Logitech G Hub, where macros, RGB lighting, etc. can be configured in unison and with ease.

The XPG Summoner is available with Cherry MX Speed/Silver, Blue and Red switches. Here’s a breakdown:

Silver Speed Switches Blue Switches Red Switches
Operation Style: Linear Operation Style: Clicky Operation Style: Linear
Noise Level: Low Noise Level: Loud Noise Level: Low
Actuation Point: 1.2mm Actuation Point: 2.2mm Actuation Point: 1.9mm
Reactivity: Instant Reactivity: Normal Reactivity: Fast

Hardcore gamers will want the silver keys, traditionalists might choose the blues and comfort enthusiasts will want the reds.


We enjoyed our time with the XPG Summoner and would recommend it to anybody seeking to upgrade their keyboard with a quality product and isn’t looking to spend a fortune. The XPG Summoner offers a bevy of gamer-oriented features such as RGB backlighting, macro buttons and several different key options in the form of Cherry MX Silver, Blue and Reds. With a 2-year warranty and a 50 million keystrokes rating, you can rest assured that the XPG Summoner is a product made to last and at its current pricing around $100, a solid value.

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