ADATA XPG Battleground XL & Battleground XL Prime Gaming Mouse Pad Review

The XPG Battleground XL and Battleground XL Prime are some of the latest premium computer accessories from ADATA’s XPG (Xtreme Performance Gear) line of products and today we’ll be reviewing both versions of this massive mouse pad.

Unboxing, Features & Overview

The front of the box displays the XPG logo and an image of the Battleground XL mouse pad. It looks small in the image but once freed from the box, it will completely envelop your desk!

xpg battleground xl mouse pad box

The back of the box emphasizes the key features of the Battleground XL mouse mat, specifically: Optimized surface, CORDURA Fabric, Large surface area and a Non-slip rubber base.

xpg battleground xl mouse pad features

Another panel shows of the dimensions of the mousepad: 900mm x 420mm.

xpg battleground xl mouse pad size

Finally, the last panel expands on the features showcased earlier. The CORDURA fabric provides a scratch-resistant surface. The large surface area provides plenty of space for your keyboard and mouse. The Splash-proof surface protects against damage from liquid spills. The non-slip rubber base keeps the Battleground XL firmly on your desk. Lastly, the optimized surface provides an accurate area for your mouse to track.

xpg battleground xl mouse pad specs

The Battleground XL is wrapped around a cardboard tube and is protected in a plastic bag.

xpg battleground xl mouse pad unboxing

Here it is! It is clean, has the words “Game To The Xtreme” in the bottom left corner and the XPG logo in the top right corner.

xpg battleground xl mouse pad review

The Battleground XL Prime features two-zone RGB lighting in the same 900mm x 400mm footprint as the non RGB version. There are a range of colors to choose from and the RGB effects make the Battleground XL Prime a must for any RGB enthusiast!

Performance, Value & Conclusion

We’ve been testing the Battleground XL and XL Battleground Prime for roughly two months and have enjoyed every second while using them! They are extremely large, easily the largest mouse pads we’ve used to date, and the extra space is extremely welcome. You’ll never want for space with a Battleground XL mousepad.

performance computer editors choice award

The surface is resistant to wear and looks brand new after many gaming sessions. Whereas traditional cloth mousepads are easily damaged, the Battleground XL with its CORDURA Fabric (which can best be described as a braided weave material) is bulletproof! The surface is extremely smooth and mice from Logitech’s G502 to Microsoft’s Surface Precision mouse, glide effortlessly across the mammoth surface. We highly recommend either the XPG Battleground XL or the Battleground XL Prime as your next mouse pad!

Purchase The XPG Battleground XL Prime On Amazon

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Purchase The XPG Battleground XL On Amazon

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