VIVO Single Monitor Desk Mount/Clamp Review: Affordable or Capable?

  • Quick, easy assembly and installation.
  • Solid build quality.
  • Cleans up desk while keeping monitor secure.

The need arose to secure one of our office monitors (ASUS VS239H-P) to a desk and we looked at about a hundred different monitor arms online. VIVO sent us their STAND-V001 single monitor desk mount for review. Don’t let its affordable price fool you, if you’re looking to upgrade from a stock monitor stand, this desk mount is quite capable.

vivo monitor desk clamp

Assembly & Installation

It takes a few minutes to assemble and install the VIVO desk mount. Included are all the tools and parts necessary for installation as well as a manual detailing each step of the installation process with relevant pictures. VIVO also includes the parts necessary to install the mount through your desk if a hole is present or if you choose to drill one specifically for the mount. We chose to mount it to the back of our desk.

Begin by locating a suitable area to secure the clamp to your desk or table. Attach the pole to the primary section of the desk clamp and depending on thickness of your desk, mount the clamp on your desk by screwing the clamp’s secondary (bottom) section into the primary section via one of three size choices. Finally, secure the entire mount to your desk with a large screw connected to a rubber pad (now underneath your desk).

Install the swivel arm to the pole, attach the VESA plate to your monitor and slide the monitor onto the swivel arm. That’s it. You can tighten the joints to secure your monitor in place at the desired angle and orientation. Optionally you can attach the included cable management clips to route your power and display connection cables which will significantly clean up the look your space.

I was pleased to see that there weren’t any obnoxious logos on the desk clamp itself. However, on the bottom of the pole directly above where it screws into the desk clamp, the brand name VIVO is present in white letters. Of course, I’d prefer the name not be there at all, but installing the pole backwards ensures the name is not seen from the front.

Solid & Sturdy

I must admit I was a bit skeptical of the quality of the VIVO desk mount given its affordability. Some of the gas spring monitor arms I looked at were more expensive than our monitor! However, the aluminum steel construction gave me hope.

All the major components (pole, clamp sections, swivel arm, VESA plate) are indeed made of aluminum steel as advertised and have a nice solid feel. After the mount was secured to our desk, I felt it wasn’t going anywhere and it could be trusted to hold our monitor. In fact, I’d go as far as trusting the VIVO desk mount with my treasured Dell ultrawide monitor and it isn’t even rated for 34” displays.

Sleek Looks Are Included

After mounting the monitor and turning it back on, I immediately noticed the additional desk space created from removing the old monitor stand. The inclusion of the swivel arm allows you to place the mount slightly off to the side of your display instead of directly behind it.

vivo monitor desk mount review

I enjoy the “floating monitor” look we have achieved, it really does clean up your space and you’ll never want to go back to a regular monitor stand again. In addition, the monitor cables are no longer dangling underneath the display, now they are hidden behind the monitor thanks to the included cable management clips.

This desk mount’s minimal design contributes to the sleek look it helps achieve for your desk display setup.


I can’t recommend this monitor mount enough to anyone considering upgrading from their stock monitor stand, this simple upgrade will not go unnoticed and is well worth it. The desk mount is aesthetically pleasing, solidly built and very affordable.

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