Secrid Cardslide Card Protector Review: Best Metal RFID Credit Card Wallet

Today we are reviewing a striking product called the Secrid Cardslide Card Protector. It is a small metal case that can hold up to six credit, debit or gift cards and has RFID blocking built in. Secrid, the company that makes the case, is based out of Holland and their Card Protector is a Red Dot Design Award winner. Let’s see if this metal credit card wallet deserved its Red Dot Design Award!

Unboxing & Overview

The Secrid Card Protector comes in a small black box with only the word Secrid on the front.

secrid red dot award winning card protector
secrid cardslide white

Inside are a small product registration booklet and the Cardslide.

secrid cardslide wallet review

Our chosen model is a specific version called the Cardslide.

secrid cardslide moneyband

A modular wallet, it combines the Card Protector and adds a “Moneyband” and “Slide” which can hold a few objects such as keys, cash, coins, receipts or a few business cards. Our Card Protector is silver, and the Slide is white.

secrid cardslide review

The Moneyband is silver with a small metal square that has the Secrid logo on it.

secrid cardslide wallet

It’s truly amazing how compact Secrid made this wallet. In addition to its svelte profile, the Card Protector/Cardslide are made with extremely high-quality components and feels great in your hand. The dimensions are as follows:

Cardslide: 2.6 x 4 x 0.5 in | 3.45 oz

Card Protector: 2.48 x 4.01 x 0.3 in | 1.69 oz

The Card Protector can hold up to 4 embossed or 6 flat cards. Given that most cards issued here in the US are flat, many people will be able to fill out their Card Protectors with 6 cards.

secrid card protector silver

The word Secrid is present in the top right corner of the metal card case.

secrid card protector wallet

Loading cards is very easy. Simply stack them and push them in the slot at the top.

secrid card protector credit card holder

Here’s a closeup of the slot. You can see the words “made in HOLLAND-EU” as well as the world’s smallest QR code in this area.

secrid card protector dimensions

The interior sides are lined with a felt material to protect your cards from scraping against the metal sides of the Card Protector. Furthermore, the aluminum Card Protector admirably protects your cards as they are perfectly safe when inserted. You can flip the case over, and the cards will not fall out, they will only come out when you slide them out via a trigger on the bottom. Even if you only put 2-3 cards in, they will not fall out!

secrid rfid card protector

Now the fun part! To slide out your cards, simply pull the small black lever at the bottom and out they pop!

secrid card protector review

Because the Card Protector is made of aluminum, it blocks all RFID communications, ensuring your card information is safe and secure. In today’s world of hacking, identity theft and data leaks, privacy is a huge concern. Many people believe RFID blocking is meaningless, but I will note that Secrid’s implementation works. We tried putting the Card Protector next to a POS terminal at Whole Foods which accepts contactless payments and nothing worked.


In short, we absolutely love the Secrid Card Protector! It’s extremely well made, very compact and minimal and using the card sliding mechanism never gets old! Secrid has created a unique and novel product that we believe anyone who purchases will be happy with. We’ve talked to other Card Protector users who have had theirs for several years and they all report that the sliding mechanism works like new.

performance computer editors choice award

Quality products are rare birds in today’s world which is littered with cheap, throwaway every few years, garbage products which tend to consistently disappoint in one way or another. Secrid’s Cardslide and Card Protector are the exact opposite and we love and highly recommend them!

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