Seasonic Prime TX-1000 Power Supply Review: 1000 Watts of Greatness

Seasonic is well known as a stellar power supply manufacturer with all power supplies in their lineup performing exceptionally. Today, we will be reviewing Seasonic’s Prime TX power supply, which sits at the pinnacle of Seasonic’s line up and is perhaps the best power supply on the market!

Unboxing & Included Parts

In usual Seasonic faction, the Prime TX’s packaging looks great! The front of the box displays Seasonic’s Prime branding, 80 Plus Titanium branding, and the wattage of the unit (1000W).

seasonic prime tx 1000 review

The back of the box displays key features such as a fully modular design, fluid dynamic bearing fans, premium hybrid fan control, and Seasonic’s industry leading 12-year warranty!

Once unboxed, the power supply is present inside a black velvet bag that is secured in Styrofoam.

seasonic prime tx 1000 bag
seasonic prime tx bag

Also, inside the box is a secondary bag containing all the cables as this is a fully modular power supply.

seasonic prime tx cable bag

Aside from the standard power cable, the following are included:

  • 1x 24-pin power cable
  • 2x 8-pin CPU power cable
  • 6x 6+2 pin PCIe power cable with two connectors
  • 3x SATA power cable with four connectors
  • 1x SATA power cable with two connectors
  • 1x Molex/Peripheral cable with three connectors
  • 1x Molex/Peripheral cable with two connectors
  • 1x Molex to SATA 3.3 Adapter

Additional accessories include:

  • A 24-pin power supply tester
  • 4x case mounting screws
  • Several zip ties for cable management
  • Premium velcro wraps for additional cable management
  • A Seasonic branded case badge
seasonic prime tx cables

PSU Overview

The PSU in black and chrome and looks stunning! While holding it, one can feel the quality!

seasonic prime tx 1000

The top of the PSU resembles a honeycomb to allow sufficient airflow when the 135MM fluid dynamic bearing fan is engaged to cool the unit.

seasonic prime tx 1000 fan

The front contains all the ports as well as the Seasonic logo and the Prime branding.

seasonic prime tx 1000 ports

The side also contains the Prime branding and a small slit for additional airflow

seasonic prime tx review

The back contains the Seasonic logo with the input voltage of 100-240VAC, power cable port, power button, and hybrid fan control.

seasonic prime tx 1000w 80 plus titanium


The Prime TX holds the highly coveted 80 Plus Titanium certification. This means that the Prime TX has a 94% efficiency rating at 50% load. Additionally, Seasonic employs the use of a 135mm fluid dynamic bearing fan which is not only extremely reliable but is also a lot quieter than traditional ball bearing fans.

80 plus titanium power supply efficiency chart
The Prime TX 1000’s power efficiency curve.

The Prime TX also uses a cable-free connection design to connect the back panel to the PCB. Other power supplies in the market connect the back panel to the PCB with cables, while Seasonic uses a copper plate. Although this will likely to be unnoticeable to consumers, Seasonic states that it improves output power quality.

cable free power supply pcb

Lastly, the Prime TX employs the use of micro tolerance load regulation. This was developed by Seasonic to maintain the output voltage within an extremely tight range, achieving 0.5% load regulation. In addition to high quality parts, this feature makes the Prime TX a super stable power supply.

seasonic micro tolerance load regulation


After using the Prime TX 1000 for nearly a month, I have not once heard the fan turn on. During light tasks such as internet browsing and office work, the fan has never turned on. With more intensive tasks such as gaming, video editing, and rendering the fan did turn on but was still virtually inaudible. Ultimately, the Prime TX 1000 is extremely quiet! You’d be hard pressed to hear any fan noise unless you have incredible hearing and are in an extremely quite room!

seasonic prime tx phanteks evolv x water cooled
We featured the Prime TX 1000 in our upcoming 9900K/RTX 2080 Ti Phanteks Evolv X custom water cooled build.


As expected, the Seasonic Prime TX 1000 stands above the rest in all aspects! The Prime TX is not only a great looking power supply, but it also displays incredible performance and reliability. Seasonic truly stands above the rest when it comes to power supplies, this is why they are the industry leader and fearlessly provide a 12-year warranty with most of their units!

performance computer editors choice award

Seasonic once again has made it extremely difficult to find a negative when it comes to the Prime TX 1000. Perhaps its availability may be its only con. At the time of writing, the Prime TX 1000 is listed as sold out at all major retailers, likely due to supply constraints resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anyone looking for a long-lasting premium power supply, will find the Prime TX series to be an ideal solution. Overall, we highly recommend the Seasonic Prime TX 1000 and are proud to award it our Editor’s Choice award!

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