Seasonic Prime Snow Silent Platinum 650W PSU Review: Beautiful Efficiency

Seasonic’s Prime Snow Silent series is a special family of power supplies that Seasonic created for system builders looking for a uniquely beautiful yet supremely capable power plant for their PC build. Seasonic makes the best computer power supplies, bar none. If our experience is any indication, this PSU is a must-have for white/black themed builds and you can’t go wrong choosing it as your next power supply.

seasonic prime snow silent 650w accessories

Unboxing & Included Parts

Starting with the box, Seasonic kept it clean on the front with their Prime Snow Silent branding, 2017 European Hardware Award badge and a 12-year warranty badge in the bottom left corner. Also present on our model is the wattage (650W) in the bottom right corner and the 80 plus platinum badge on the very left.

seasonic prime snow silent 650w review

The back of the box displays the PSU as well as several key features such as Micro Tolerance Load Regulation, the super quiet 135mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan, Hybrid Fan Control and Aluminum Electrolytic Solid Capacitors, etc.

seasonic prime snow silent 650w unboxing

Upon unboxing the power supply, it is safe in its velvet bag. There is a separate bag for all the cables as this is a fully modular power supply. There is also a manual, power supply tester and accessories bag.

seasonic prime snow silent cables

Speaking of cables, aside from a standard power cable, here’s what’s included with the 650W model:

  • 1x 24-pin power cable
  • 1x 8-pin CPU power cable
  • 2x 6+2 pin PCIe power cable with two connectors
  • 1x SATA power cable with four connectors
  • 1x SATA power cable with two connectors
  • 1x Molex/Peripheral cable with three connectors
  • 1x Floppy power cable with one connector
  • 1x Molex to SATA 3.3 Adapter

seasonic prime snow silent accessories

Additional accessories include:

  • A 24-pin power supply tester
  • 4x case mounting screws
  • Several zip ties for cable management
  • Premium velcro wraps for additional cable management
  • A case badge

seasonic prime snow silent psu

PSU Overview

The unit itself feels great in the hand and oozes quality. The design and white/silver color scheme Seasonic chose is simply amazing and looks phenomenal in person.

Starting with the back, there is the Seasonic logo, power cable port, power button and hybrid fan control button.

seasonic prime snow silent power supply

The front shows off all the ports on the Snow Silent as well as a Seasonic logo and Snow Silent Platinum branding. Overall, like its packaging, clean and tasteful.

seasonic prime snow silent review

The side has some more logos and branding as well as a vent.

seasonic prime snow silent psu review

The bottom shows off the beautiful white/silver bracket as well as the 135mm fluid dynamic bearing cooling fan which is near silent with hybrid mode turned on.

seasonic prime snow silent 650w power supply

The top displays the model and specs.

seasonic prime snow silent power supply review

Components & Technology

The Prime Snow Silent is a super stable power supply, with what Seasonic refers to as micro tolerance load regulation, they are able to maintain output voltage in a tight range under 0.5% under load. Impressive stats but not much of a surprise given Seasonic’s proven ability to craft extremely reliable power supplies.

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The Prime Snow Silent 650W has a 92% efficiency rating at 50% load, earning it a coveted 80 Plus Platinum rating.

seasonic prime snow silent 650w load efficiency graph

A 135mm fluid dynamic bearing fan is used to cool this model. Fluid dynamic bearing fans are the highest quality fans available. In addition to a longer life span, the one included with the Prime Snow Silent is extremely quiet and produces less heat than a traditional ball bearing fan.

evga gtx 1080 ti clc 240

The Prime Snow Silent also uses a cable-free connection to connect the back plate and PCB which further improves power quality. This is likely something you’ll never notice but nevertheless shows that Seasonic is always innovating, constantly improving their already great products.


The Seasonic Prime Snow Silent series is one of their best power supplies yet! The design is beautiful, and this unit comes with the performance and reliability you’d expect from a top-tier manufacturer like Seasonic. It also comes with an incredible and confident 12-year warranty (which you’ll probably never need to use).

Aside from the Platinum rated 650W model, there is a 750W Titanium model and a 550W Gold model. All three share the same design, the only differences are the included cables and power efficiency, all of which are at the top end of their respective wattages.

Yet again Seasonic impresses us and doesn’t leave us with any con or negative aspect regarding this product, it’s simply that perfect. We highly recommend the Seasonic Prime Snow Silent series of power supplies and heartily suggest one for your next build!

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