RhinoShield Solidsuit Samsung Galaxy S10+ Case Review: Best Galaxy S10+ Case

RhinoShield is at it again, bringing their Solidsuit case to the new Samsung Galaxy S10+. We’ve already reviewed Solidsuit cases for the iPhone X and Galaxy Note 9 and we’ve experienced a high level of quality from RhinoShield each time. Let’s see if they continue their success with the Galaxy S10+ version!

Unboxing, Installation & Quality

As with previous Solidsuit cases, the case comes in a simple box with some product branding on the front.

rhinoshield solidsuit s10 plus unboxing

The back expands on additional details such as the premium finish, durable material, raised lip covers, snug fit, 3mm thin profile and +30G weight and one of our favorite features: food grade BPA/BPS free materials.

rhinoshield solidsuit s10 plus installation

RhinoShield provides a handy instruction card detailing how the case is installed. RhinoShield has always included great instructions with well documented steps that align with useful graphics. The first step is always to install any screen or back protectors first, both of which were installed on our Galaxy S10+.

rhinoshield solidsuit s10 plus leather

Then you simply insert the phone from the left side of the case, push down on the top right corner until it snaps in and then push in the bottom right corner until it snaps in. That’s it. Possibly the easiest case on the planet to install!

Here is the Galaxy S10+ in the Solidsuit case. The top has a microphone hole. The left side has a volume rocker and Bixby button.

rhinoshield solidsuit s10 plus case review

The bottom has perfectly aligned and sized cutouts for the headphone jack, USB C connector, microphone and speaker.

rhinoshield solidsuit samsung galaxy s10+ case

You can see the RhinoShield logo around the bottom right corner. RhinoShield understands that minimal is best when it comes to placing logos on cases.

rhinoshield solidsuit samsung galaxy s10+

The SolidSuit we received came in leather, but it also comes in carbon fiber as well as black and white finishes. Furthermore, the black and white finish options can be customized by adding a wide variety of designs to back of the case.

rhinoshield solidsuit s10 plus review

The quality of the leather is just as good as we experienced on the iPhone X version and when coupled with RhinoShield’s legendary protection, we believe that the SolidSuit is the best Galaxy S10+ case. RhinoShield’s ability to combine rugged protection with an extremely slim and minimal profile continues to impress us and the Galaxy S10+ version is arguably their most impressive version yet.

rhinoshield solidsuit s10 plus

The Galaxy S10+ is already a super slim phone to begin with and due to its curved sides, phone cases made for it have to take these thin edges into account when protecting them.


RhinoShield has again proved why they are one of the top case manufacturers in the world. Their reputation for designing and building minimal footprint cases that pack maximum protection is still well intact. We’re thrilled to write that the quality we’ve grown accustomed has not been reduced at all unlike other companies who make each iteration of product cheaper and more disappointing.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S10+ and are looking for an attractive, quality case that will protect your thousand-dollar phone, look no further than the RhinoShield SolidSuit case! We highly recommend it!

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