RhinoShield SolidSuit iPhone 12 Pro Case Review: Maintaining The Standard

It’s been two years since we reviewed the RhinoShield SolidSuit case for the iPhone X. After countless drops coupled with daily abuse, the SolidSuit not protected our iPhone X but kept it in perfect condition. After upgrading to the iPhone 12 Pro, there was only one case I wanted to test and review if for no other reason than to verify that RhinoShield hasn’t cheapened their products or reduced their quality control. Let’s find out!

rhinoshield solidsuit iphone 12 pro iphone x
The iPhone X in a brushed steel SolidSuit next to an iPhone 12 Pro in the same.

Unboxing & Installation

The packaging is updated compared to the previous iPhone SolidSuit we reviewed. This time RhinoShield has opted for a clean white/black theme with a large clear cutout showing off the case.

rhinoshield solidsuit iphone 12 pro case box front

The back of the package details key features such as swappable buttons, premium build, BPA free construction, and a raised lip to cover all drop angles.

rhinoshield solidsuit iphone 12 pro case box back

The included instructions are, as always, very easy to read and follow.

rhinoshield solidsuit iphone 12 pro case instructions

The SolidSuit case we received was the Brushed Steel version which has a soft touch brushed steel pattern on the back which feels and looks great! The right side has a power button and the RhinoShield branding. This case is extremely slim and the level of protection it provides in such a small footprint is truly amazing.

rhinoshield solidsuit iphone 12 pro case side

The left side has a well sized cutout for the vibrate/ringer switch and the volume up/down buttons. There is also a slot where a lanyard can be attached.

rhinoshield solidsuit iphone 12 pro case ports

The volume up/down buttons as well as the power button can be swapped out for different colors should you choose to purchase them. RhinoShield is all about modularity and customization of their cases and the SolidSuit is no exception.

rhinoshield solidsuit iphone 12 pro brushed steel

In addition to swappable buttons, there are also many different back patterns and materials such as leather, carbon fiber and wood grain.

rhinoshield solidsuit case iphone 12 pro review

Installation is very quick. Starting with the top left corner of the iPhone 12 Pro, snap that into the case. Follow with the bottom left corner, then the top right and bottom right.

rhinoshield solidsuit iphone 12 pro case review

The bottom of the case has cutouts for the speakers and lightning port. Some have mentioned that the left speaker port could have been smaller as the left bottom speaker does not take up as much space as the right side speaker but I find this to be a non-factor and don’t care at all.

rhinoshield solidsuit iphone 12 pro case

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

performance computer editors choice award

The RhinoShield SolidSuit iPhone 12 Pro case is exactly as it should be: snug, sleek and minimal, all while providing remarkable drop protection. The brushed steel back pattern is definitely my favorite and RhinoShield hasn’t missed a beat when it comes to their quality of their products. Take my advice and don’t even bother with other cases like cheap $10 cases or expensive behemoths like the Otterbox Defender. The SolidSuit wins. Every. Time.

We are proud to award this case our Editor’s Choice award and we wholeheartedly recommend the RhinoShield SolidSuit case to anyone with an iPhone 12, 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max!

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