RhinoShield Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review

For our RhinoShield SolidSuit Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Case review, we also received the RhinoShield 9H Tempered Glass 3D Curved Screen Protector for the Galaxy Note 9. This screen protector, which comes in a box that doubles as an installation mat, is installed with an intuitive alignment tool that takes the frustration out of installing a tempered glass screen protector.


Here’s the front of the box, it displays the RhinoShield branding as well as the 9H hardness anti-scratch rating and “perfect optical clarity” badge.

rhinoshield note 9 screen protector review

The back of the box displays additional features such as water and oil repellency and the 3D curved edges to match the curved screen of the Galaxy Note 9.

rhinoshield note 9 glass screen protector review

As we open the box, detailed installation instructions come into view along with graphics displaying the correct installation angle, etc.

rhinoshield note 9 tempered glass screen protector review

In addition to the screen protector, microfiber cloth and dust removal stickers is an alignment tool which simplifies the otherwise tedious process of lining and re-aligning the screen protector to the perfect position.

rhinoshield galaxy note 9 screen protector review


Installation requires cleaning the screen of your device with the microfiber cloth, using the dust removal stickers to remove any remaining fibers, dust, etc.

rhinoshield solidsuit samsung galaxy note 9 case

Next place the alignment tool on the phone, remove the plastic cover on the adhesive side of the screen protector and align the screen protector with the “UP” marking on the alignment tool. Press down from the center with the microfiber cloth to secure the screen protector. Remove the alignment tool and use the microfiber cloth to squeeze out any remaining air bubbles.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

The alignment tool is a new addition for RhinoShield tempered glass screen protectors and we found it to be a helpful tool that made installing the screen protector much easier. Overall, we’ve been extremely pleased with the quality of the glass used in RhinoShield’s screen protectors. It resists fingerprints and smudges very well and perfectly blends in with the phone.

rhinoshield solidsuit case note 9 review

Screen protectors, like cases are not something to cheap out on. Invest in a quality tempered glass screen protector and you will likely never need to replace your phone’s screen. RhinoShield has again made a worthy product that we couldn’t be more pleased with!

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