RhinoShield Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone X/Xs Review

  • Easy, straightforward installation
  • Thin profile
  • Great visibility and protection

After we reviewed the Rhinoshield Mod case for the iPhone X, we decided to review the Rhinoshield 9H 3D curved edge to edge tempered glass screen protector as well. Screen protectors are simple products that are often replaced over the service life of a phone as they age and endure the wear of everyday life. However, after our experience we believe you may only ever need one Rhinoshield tempered glass screen protector throughout your iPhone X/Xs’s life.

rhinoshield tempered glass screen protector for iphone x review


Aside from the 9H 3D tempered glass screen protector glass screen protector, in the box you will find a dust removal sticker and a small microfiber cleaning cloth. Note: after unboxing the tempered glass screen protector, do not throw the inside portion with the foam panels away! You will need it later to use as a surface to install the screen protector on your iPhone X/Xs.


Installing the screen protector is very straightforward. Before you begin, we recommend removing your iPhone X/Xs from its case if you have one installed. Additionally, remove any existing screen protectors. Begin by placing your iPhone on the main foam panel. Wipe the screen completely clean with the included microfiber cloth. Next, use the included dust removal sticker to remove any microscopic debris or fibers left behind from the cleaning cloth.

Finally, apply the tempered glass screen protector to your iPhone by lining it up with all four edges of the device. If you don’t place it perfectly the first time, just gently lift it up on one side and remove and re-install it. After you are satisfied with the placement, push down in the center and the screen protector will be secured in place with its built-in adhesive.

There will most likely be several air bubbles after you press down on the screen protector. These will take time to remove but eventually they can be worked into a corner and with steady and consistent pressure, they will all go away.

rhinoshield tempered glass screen protector for iphone x

Quality & Reliability

The Rhinoshield tempered glass screen protector has a 9H rating meaning it will resist scratches as well as other minor damage to the screen. Don’t expect it to stop a bullet, but for everyday use, it more than sufficed in our tests. It also has an oleophobic coating which makes it very smooth to the touch and combined with the thinness of the protector, you can barely tell it’s on your phone.

After using the screen protector for six months, we are happy to report that there are only two microscopic scratches present. The phone has been dropped a few times from several feet onto hardwood and tile flooring. We are using the Rhinoshield Mod case in conjunction with their tempered glass screen protector and together they make for an excellent combination of minimalistic yet strong protection for our $1,000 smartphone.

Tempered Glass Vs. Plastic Screen Protectors

Prior to reviewing this screen protector, I had no idea that tempered glass screen protectors existed. I had used plastic screen protectors in the past and was never happy with the visibility you were forced to sacrifice when using them. With tempered glass, you can’t even tell a screen protector is installed.

Furthermore, touching and swiping on the phone never feels as good with a plastic screen protector. By contrast, with glass it’s just like using the original screen.

Plastic screen protectors do have one thing going for them. They are more durable and can withstand heavier damage but unless your phone suffers a hardcore face-on drop, I wouldn’t worry about a lack of protection when using a tempered glass screen protector.


At $24.99 the RhinoShield Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone X/Xs is certainly more expensive when compared to most screen protectors available on Amazon, etc. However, you are purchasing a product that is well made and based on our experience will provide great protection; and, if taken care of, will likely last through the entire service life of your iPhone X/Xs. If it does break from normal use you’re in luck as this product falls under Evolutive Labs’ “Lifetime Replacement Program” and they will replace it for free.

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