RhinoShield Impact Flex Screen & Back Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Review

Today we will be installing and reviewing Rhinoshield’s Impact Flex Screen & Back Protector for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. We have used many Rhinoshield products in the pats from cases to plastic and tempered glass screen protectors on both iOS and Android smartphones. Screen protectors are relatively simple products and are often overlooked when it comes to tech review sites. However, we believe that they should be tested and reviewed just like any other tech product, especially you’ll be trusting these products to protect your thousand dollar plus smartphone.

Unboxing and Installation

Here they are side by side, the Rhinoshield Impact Flex Back Protector and Impact Flex Screen Protector.  Rhinoshield’s branding is present as well as badges for “Tough + Shatterproof”. As these are plastic based protectors, they will not break like a tempered glass screen protector will. They also have a “Curves” badge which indicates that these products will bend around the curved sides of the Note 10+ for a perfect fit.

rhinoshield note 10 impact flex protector review

On the back, we see several additional features including easy to clean, light scratch guard, flexible material, impact damping, high strength and zero adhesive residue. Rhinoshield likes to brag about their screen protectors and in our previous experiences, we have been extremely pleased with the real world results they have demonstrated.

rhinoshield note 10+ impact flex screen back protector review

A few important features worth touching on are the easy to clean nature of these protectors. Smartphones see a lot of use each day and as a result, they get dirty. Having a screen and back protector that are easy to clean simplifies maintenance. Zero adhesive residue is a true claim and a welcome feature; we’ve replaced several Rhinoshield screen protectors and they never leave any residue behind.

Rhinoshield also mentions that their screen protectors absorb 4 times more impact than a normal glass screen protector, all while being as thin a single sheet of paper.

As with all of their products, Rhinoshield provides exceptional and simple to follow installation instructions on the packaging of each product.

rhinoshield note 10 screen protector installation

Rhinoshield includes everything you need including a microfiber cloth for cleaning the screen and back of your smartphone as well as dust removal stickers and a squeegee to remove air bubbles.

rhinoshield note 10+ screen protector installation

There are eight steps for both the screen and back protector.

rhinoshield note 10+ back protector installation

Here’s the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ with the Rhginoshield Impact Flex Screen Protector installed.

rhinoshield note 10 screen protector review

Here’s the Note 10+ with the Impact Flex Back Protector installed.

rhinoshield note 10 back protector review


We were pleased yet again with Rhinoshield’s screen and back protectors. They fit our Galaxy Note 10+ perfectly and based on our past experiences with the same products on different phones including the Samsung Galaxy S10+, we are confident that they will hold up very well and protector our phone for many years. We highly recommend these two products from Rhinoshield!

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