RhinoShield Mod NX iPhone X Case Review: Solid Refinement

About a year ago, we reviewed the first generation RhinoShield Mod Case for iPhone X and we found it to be a fantastic, well-made, minimalistic iPhone X case that provided top-tier protection. RhinoShield re-released the Mod series under a new name “Mod NX”. Let’s see if all they changed was the name!

As with the first Mod case, RhinoShield includes some excellent instructions regarding installation in either of the two modes: “bumper” and “full case”.

rhinoshield mod nx case review

Here is the case installed on our space gray iPhone X in bumper mode. It feels great in the hand and Mod NX adds a minimal amount of bulk and a maximum amount of protection. The old Mod case totally enveloped the phone but there was always a slight gap on the sides. The new version has fixed this issue and feels extremely solid.

rhinoshield mod nx iphone x review

Here’s the side where you can see the RhinoShield logo. It’s perfect placement for their logo and we appreciate that RhinoShield didn’t go overboard with it.

rhinoshield mod nx vs solidsuit

Here is the opposite side where you can see the volume buttons and vibrate switch.

rhinoshield mod nx iphone x

The bottom of the case has cutouts for the speakers and lightning connector.

rhinoshield mod nx install

Here are three Mod NX’s in bumper mode, each with a color-matching rim.  

rhinoshield mod nx review

You can of course mix and match the bumper shell/frame with different colored rims.

rhinoshield mod nx iphone x case review

Here again, you can see some different rim colors. Two of these Mod NX’s are in “bumper mode” and the third has a black backplate. Also visible are the various colored replacement buttons which add another dimension of customization to an already unique product.

rhinoshield mod nx iphone x buttons rim back


As usual, RhinoShield and their product impressed us. The refined Mod NX series of cases builds on an excellent case by incorporating additional customization, an improved locking mechanism and a refined design. Coupled with RhinoShield’s top-notch customer service and proven reliability, you can’t go wrong choosing the Mod NX to protect your smartphone!

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