RhinoShield Mod NX iPhone 11 Case Review: Sleek & Luxurious

Early last year we reviewed RhinoShield’s Mod NX for iPhone X. We found the customization of the bumper and backplates refreshing, allowing for a unique, personalized and well-made case. Since then, RhinoShield has launched collaboration with artists, providing an abundant selection of backplates for further customization. The backplate we were sent is designed by ilovedoodle and the bumper color is Camo Green.

rhinoshield mod nx iphone 11

Unboxing & Case Overview

As with the previous Mod NX case, the packaging remains the same: attractive and sleek, providing installation and care instructions.

rhinoshield mod nx iphone 11 case review

First, the back rim of the bumper must be removed for the backplate to snap in place. Clear instructions are written along with step-by-step graphics.

rhinoshield mod nx installation

Here, we have a non-RhinoShield tempered glass screen protector which was installed at the time the phone was purchased. Tempered glass screen protectors while better than nothing, should still be supplemented with a case for maximum protection. As you can see, the bumper is slightly raised above the tempered glass, providing additional screen protection. 

rhinoshield mod nx iphone 11 case

The backplate fits snugly with beveled edges around the camera cutout. There also appears to be a beveled design inside the backplate, giving it the appearance of a high-end glass finish. The logo of the artist as well as the RhinoShield logo are centered at the bottom of the backplate, which is aesthetically pleasing. The bumper and the backplate are slightly thicker than the raised camera, providing protection for the lenses while still maintaining slenderness.

rhinoshield mod nx iphone 11 review


RhinoShield once again has knocked this case out of the park, designing a protective case with a luxurious appearance and sleek feel, while showcasing and supporting work of talented artists. We also noted that the case is thin enough for wireless charging! Talk about a win-win!

If you are someone who generally despises the bulkiness of cases but needs protection, this is the case for you!

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