RhinoShield Mod Case for iPhone X Review: A Bumper with a Backbone

  • Sleek, high-quality build and design
  • Available in several colors
  • Minimal footprint, maximum protection

My search for a high-quality case for my new iPhone X was far more difficult than I anticipated. The insanely high number of brands and cases available was overwhelming. I nearly purchased an Apple leather folio case but couldn’t get past the $100 price. Eventually I discovered the RhinoShield CrashGuard Bumper line of cases and we reviewed their newest case, the RhinoShield Mod Case for iPhone X.

rhinoshield mod iphone x review

Sleek, Functional Design

The case can be used a bumper case or as a full case with a backplate. To achieve this functionality, RhinoShield had to separate the Mod case into three pieces: the bumper frame, rim and backplate (if used). I initially thought that this case design might be flimsy in comparison to the one-piece designed CrashGuard Bumper cases RhinoShield has been revered for.

My worries subsided after I received the case and installed it on my phone. The case is made of solid plastic, which Rhinoshield proudly advertises as free of chemicals such as BPA, BPS or BPF. It feels smooth to the touch and seems to be built well. RhinoShield sent me the black frame, rim and buttons with both the clear and carbon fiber backplates.

I chose to use the case with a backplate even though I prefer the looks of the bumper mode simply because if used without a backplate, the back of the phone is exposed and will likely endure many scratches through normal use. You can purchase a clear back protector if you prefer the bumper mode, but I doubt it can provide the same level of protection as a solid backplate will.

Speaking of backplates, I initially used the clear backplate but after a week I changed to the carbon fiber due to how easily the clear backplate was scratched. Simply setting it down on a table created hairline scratches on the clear backplate. I’m happy to report that the carbon fiber backplate is very durable and has not been scratched or chipped in the month I’ve had it on.

iphone x with rhinoshield mod case installed

The RhinoShield Mod is in fact a modular case and there are several add-ons that can be attached to the case to enhance the functionality of your iPhone’s camera including Fisheye, Super Wide and HD Wide Angle lenses. I have no need or desire for them, so I cannot attest to their utility.

The design is great for me. It’s very sleek and makes an already great feeling phone feel even better in your hands. The top of the case is slightly raised so when you put your phone face-down, the screen will be protected. The case has hole cutouts for the ring/silent switch, charging port and speaker grilles. It also has two little cutout slits on the left side so a lanyard can be attached. The three side buttons are available in several color choices as are the frame and rim, making it very customizable.

Drop Me, I Dare You

RhinoShield has long advertised that their CrashGuard Bumper line of cases can absorb over 11 feet of impact. Let’s face it though, that claim is hard to believe for any case short of some massive triple layered monstrosity like an Otterbox Defender but I believe their claim to be true. I’ve seen several videos of iPhones being dropped and surviving distances well over 11 feet.

I only have 1 one thousand-dollar iPhone and there’s no way I’m doing a hardcore drop test for this review, but I will mention that prior to this review I dropped my phone from five feet up onto a marble floor. When I heard the loud thump on the ground I thought the screen would be cracked for sure. No damage whatsoever. The phone is in perfect condition. The case is in perfect condition. I’m very impressed with the protection this case provides.


I wanted a minimal case with maximum protection and I’m confident that the Mod has checked both boxes. If you spend $1,000 or more on a phone, don’t buy a $9 piece of garbage case. Spend a little more for reliable drop protection and superior durability. The RhinoShield Mod looks and feels great, was expertly designed and is well worth your money.

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