Rain Design mTower Vertical Laptop Stand Review: Surface Book 2 Edition

Rain Design was kind enough to send out their mTower vertical laptop stand for review in conjunction with our article series on the Microsoft Surface Book 2 and its accessories. If you are looking for a well built, sturdy and great looking laptop stand, the mTower may be the perfect product for you. There are many laptop stands available and we’re going to show you why Rain Design’s laptop stand towers above the rest!

rain design mtower

Unboxing & Overview

If you haven’t heard of the company Rain Design, they create many different stands, bases and accessories for laptops, tablets, smartphones and Apple branded products such as the iMac. However, most of their products are also compatible with Windows based devices such as our Microsoft Surface Book 2.

The mTower ships in a small box which depicts the product as well as several of the benefits it provides such as saving desk space, superior cooling for your laptop and solid single piece aluminum construction.

rain design mtower box

Here is the back of the box.

rain design mtower box back

The left side showcases product features in several additional languages.

rain design mtower box side

Inside the box are three items: the mTower laptop stand, a small Rain Design product guide and a box containing the pads that you will install on the mTower depending on the type of laptop you have.

rain design mtower unboxing

Here is the product guide showing off the mStand, another highly popular laptop stand from Rain Design.

rain design mstand

Upon opening the box for the pads, you will see a quick installation guide as well as a breakdown detailing the pads included and which laptop they are meant for.

rain design mtower accessories

There are five groups of pads: MacBook Air 11 & 13 inch, MacBook Pro (early 2016) 13 & 15 inch, MacBook Pro (late 2016) 13 & 15 inch, MacBook 12 inch and Others (notebook thickness 24mm).

rain design mtower pads

Installation & Quality

We ended up using MacBook Pro pads for our Microsoft Surface Book 2. Installation is as simple as lining up the contacts on all four pads and then letting the pressure from the laptop secure them into place.

rain design mtower review

The fit is a little tight, but I prefer that as the laptop feels extremely secure when installed in the mTower. Overall we were extremely impressed with the quality of the mTower. Its one-piece construction and soft rubber padding make it a solid, strong stand that provides excellent protection for your laptop. We’ve tried cheaper laptop stands in the past and the mTower easily trumps them both quality and experience.

rain design mtower laptop stand

The bottom of the stand also had rubber pads so no matter what surface you put it on, it will remain firmly planted. Another nice touch from Rain Design and while the mTower is a very simple looking product on the surface, you can tell that the designers and engineers who built this stand understood what goes into making a quality product.

rain design mtower laptop stand review


The mTower is the perfect laptop stand. Rain Design created an elegant, minimalistic looking product that performs exceptionally. Our experience with our Surface Book 2 was excellent, I honestly don’t see how it could have been better or the mTower could be improved in any way. If you are looking for a well made laptop stand that looks great on your desk and creates more space by vertically mounting your laptop, look no further than the Rain Design mTower!

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