Rain Design mBar Pro & mBar Pro+ Review: Folding Laptop Stands

Earlier this year we reviewed our first product from Rain Design, the mTower vertical laptop stand and absolutely loved it! Today we are reviewing the Rain Design mBar Pro and mBar Pro+, two traditional laptop stands that have the unique ability to fold up and fit in nearly any size bag or laptop case. The mBar family shares the core design of a minimal, aluminum laptop stands but the Pro and Pro+ models include the ability to fold up and shrink their footprint for easy traveling. Let’s compare both Pro models!

Unboxing & Overview

The front of the packaging shows off the mBar Pro and has the Rain Design logo.

rain design mbar pro pro+

The back of the box has a few graphics. One displays the dimensions of the mBar Pro; another is an image with a MacBook so you can see how it works and a third graphic demonstrates how to unfold the stand.

rain design mbar pro pro+ unboxing

If you open the back flap you can see a breakdown of the entire mBar family, detailing the differences between each model. The standard mBar elevates your laptop 3” but does not fold or include a carrying sleeve. The two foldable models, the mBar Pro and mBar Pro+ have a laptop elevation height of 3” and 5.5” respectively.

rain design mbar

Here is the mBar Pro, it comes with a protective carrying sleeve and a Rain Design product guide.

rain design mbar pro review

The carrying sleeve is secured with a snap button.

rain design mbar pro sleeve

The great thing about the mBar Pro and Pro+ is how they unfold from a small piece of metal into fully functional laptop stands. The materials used are the same quality as the mTower, strong aluminum with soft rubber bumpers on the bottom.

rain design mbar pro unfolded

Here’s how it works. You fold out one side first.

rain design mbar pro+ unfolding

Then the other.

rain design mbar pro+ review

Here is a shot of the mBar Pro+ with its sleeve from the other side.

rain design mbar pro+ unfolded

As you can see, each mBar Pro elevates the laptop. This is the 3” Pro model.

rain design mbar pro laptop stand

Here is the 5.5” Pro+ model. Nearly twice as high!

rain design mbar pro+ laptop stand

The mBar Pro from the front, using a Microsoft Surface Book 2 15”.

rain design mbar pro laptop stand review

Again, the mBar Pro+ elevates your laptop to the sky!

rain design mbar pro+ laptop stand review


The Rain Design mBar Pro and mBar Pro+ are great laptop stands for travelers, students and other professionals who want a solid platform for their laptop on the go. All three mBar laptop stands are made with solid aluminum and have protective rubber bumpers on the bottom. The additional money spent on the Pro models is well worth it as the foldability makes them extra compact and easily storable when traveling.

As far as choosing between the mBar Pro and mBar Pro+, that is completely personal. The Pro model provides a regular and comfortable viewing height. Some people prefer looking up at their laptop screen or are simply taller and need the extra height that the mBar Pro+ provides. Both heights are easily useable and if possible, try both to see which one is best for you. Nevertheless, we commend Rain Design on providing users with two options rather than forcing everyone to adapt to one stand height.

We highly recommend the Rain design mBar Pro and mBar Pro+ for anyone looking for a solid yet minimal traditional laptop stand.

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