Rain Design iSlider iPhone/iPad Holder Review: Best Smartphone Stand

To complete our Rain Design accessory lineup, Rain Design sent out their new iSlider portable iPhone/iPad holder for review. To be honest I had my doubts about the iSlider but after several weeks of testing, it was has definitely won me over.

Unboxing & Initial Impressions

The front of the box displays the iSlider in its condensed, folded-up mode.

rain design islider box front

The back of the box shows an iSlider in a jeans pocket, making it clear how easily portable this mobile phone stand really is.

rain design islider box back

The front panel opens to reveal the side of the iSlider, with an iDevice secured in place.

rain design islider box insert

On the side of the box you can see the dimensions of the iSlider as well as a 3D model of the included carrying bag. On the bottom you can see how the iSlider works by folding out and up against itself to create a stand for mobile devices and tablets alike.

rain design islider box side

Finally, we get to the iSlider in its box. A Rain Design product guide is also included.

rain design islider unboxing

Here are the accessories consisting of a leather carrying bag, as well as two silicone inserts which are installed onto the iSlider for various types of iPads if they are to be used.

rain design islider accessories

Here is the iSlider in its folded-up mode. It’s a rather small device, is attractively designed and made with aluminum to match MacBooks and Surface Books.

rain design islider folded up

Here’s the bottom side, you can see the rubber bumpers which protect the surface the iSlider rests on.

rain design islider bottom

We extended the iSlider and found that there is a wide range of angle settings that you can adjust it to.

rain design islider silver

It holds our iPhone perfectly both horizontally and vertically at an easily viewable angle on our desk.

rain design islider review
rain design islider


Rain Design has nailed yet another product, the iSlider is one of those unique items that you think is unnecessary but once you have it, you never want to let it go. I’ve never used a smartphone stand/holder on my desk but after enjoying the iSlider for several weeks, I can say that it’s extremely nice to be able to dock your phone in  a sturdy place and easily view notifications while working on a desktop monitor all day.

In addition, the iSlider is fully portable and extremely easy to fold and transport. The added leather carrying pouch is another nice touch by Rain Design. We did not use the iSlider with a tablet but when extended, it forms a very sturdy stand and we have confidence that it will easily support a wide range of modern tablets. We highly recommend the Rain Design iSlider!

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