Patriot Viper V770 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review: Keyboard King

We previously reviewed the Patriot Viper V765 mechanical gaming keyboard and absolutely loved it! Today we are reviewing the Patriot Viper V770 mechanical gaming keyboard, Patriot’s flagship gaming keyboard which has several unique features and competes with the top offerings from Corsair and Logitech. Patriot has proven that they are a serious company when it comes to gaming peripherals, the quality is there, and gamers have responded favorably to their products. Let’s see if the V770 maintains the standard!

Unboxing & Overview

Starting with the front of the box, you’ll see a large image of the V770 keyboard with the included wrist rest attached. Patriot also shows off some of the features included with the keyboard such as RGB backlit keys, aircraft grade aluminum chassis, 100% mechanical red switches, USB & audio passthrough ports, 5 dedicated macro keys and dedicated multimedia keys.

patriot viper v770 gaming rgb keyboard

We love the periodic element table-esqe icons Patriot used for each feature.

patriot viper v770 box

The back of the box gives a more detailed view of the key features of the V770.

patriot viper v770 back of box

The V770 is very well packed with additional foam securing it in the box.

patriot viper v770 unboxing

The keyboard comes wrapped in plastic and is encased on more foam padding inside the box.

patriot viper v770 gaming rgb keyboard review

Also included are a magnetic RGB wrist rest, audio jack splitter, key remover tool and Patriot Viper stickers.

patriot viper v770 accessories

Here it is next to the optional wrist rest. It has a very sharp look that is accentuated by the black and gunmetal silver frame colors.

patriot viper v770 mechanical rgb keyboard review

One of the coolest features of the Viper V770 mechanical gaming keyboard is its wrist rest. Wrist rests are a fantastic addition to keyboard and many users can’t live without them but what Patriot did with theirs is nothing short of remarkable. Not only is it magnetic which is a killer feature in and of itself, but the Viper logo and line that runs across the wrist rest both contain RGB lights. Again, we really love the design here and props to Patriot’s design team for such a unique and exciting design in an area where RGB keyboards have plateaued.

patriot viper v770 review

Here is the bottom of the keyboard and wrist rest. There are several rubber bumpers which will protect whatever desk surface the keyboard is on.

patriot viper v770 wrist rest

On the right side is an audio port which can be used for a headset, microphone or both.

patriot viper v770 gaming mechanical rgb keyboard review

On the left side is a USB passthrough port which receives its own USB connector on the cable dongles that plugs in to your computer. This is a very important point as keyboard with USB ports that share one USB cable often don’t provide enough power to the USB port. This leaves users frustrated when trying to charge a smartphone, etc.

patriot viper v770 usb port

Patriot used a very understated and minimal design on the V770 which we love, their “VIPER” logo is on top of the number pad. A perfect location really. The font is very futuristic looking and isn’t so large or blocky that it detracts from the rest of the keyboard.

patriot viper v770 headphone jack
The audio jack is circled above.

The Viper itself is present on the wrist rest and we love Patriot’s logo. The sharp lines pair excellently with the snake.

patriot viper v770 gaming mechanical rgb keyboard

Another shot of the number pad area with the volume wheel present above in addition to the multimedia switches for play/pause, previous track, next track, stop and previous/next screen.

patriot viper v770 mechanical gaming review

Red Mechanical Switches

The keys feel great if you like mechanical red switches. These switches are 100% Kailh Red and feel very soft to the touch. If you are coming from a membrane keyboard, these will feel very similar. They are quiet too so if you prefer a less “clicky” experience and sound, the V770 is the keyboard for you!

They light up well and Patriot provides several brightness settings/options.

patriot viper v770 mechanical rgb keyboard

RGB Modes & Software

A shot with RGB wave mode turned on. Photos don’t do the V770 justice, it really is a great looking keyboard with the lights turned on in the dark.

patriot viper v770 rgb

Here are the right lighting control keys. There are several RGB lighting modes including wave, spotlight, radar, ripple, sidewinder, vortex, raindrop, reactive, breathe, static and spectrum. If you’ve ever had an RGB keyboard before, you’ll understand most if not all of these and will likely already have a preferred mode. If this is your first RGB keyboard, Patriot includes a breakdown of each mode in the manual.

patriot viper v770 software

Furthermore, in Patriot’s Viper software you can control the color, brightness, speed and pattern direction for each lighting effect. Even more exciting, you can also customize the lighting effects for the wrist rest from the same software! You can also set lighting profiles, adjust the response time, customize macros and set the report rate. Macros can be assigned to any key except the Windows key. Up to 32 can be saved with script character limits of 47. You can even setup different user profiles. The customization of the V770 is literally endless!


The Patriot Viper V770 mechanical gaming keyboard is an extremely solid, well rounded and unique keyboard. In addition to the fact that it has 100% mechanical switches and contains the latest and most popular RGB lighting effects, Patriot goes even further by including a special magnetic wrist rest that has customizable RGB lighting effects of its own! Speaking of customization, Patriot’s software contains every possible setting you could ever want when creating the perfect keyboard layout for whatever game or application demands it.

performance computer editors choice award

Patriot has again impressed us and is consistently proving that they aren’t just another contender in the gaming peripheral world, they are one of the best. We highly recommend the Patriot Viper V770 mechanical gaming keyboard!

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