Patriot Viper V765 Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard Review: Venomous Vitality

Today we are reviewing the Patriot Viper V765 mechanical RGB gaming keyboard, an intermediate level keyboard in Patriot’s gamer-oriented computer peripherals lineup. We’re anxious to see how Patriot’s keyboard stacks up to offerings from the companies we have been heavily relying on many years now, namely Corsair and Logitech.

Packaging and Unboxing

Starting with the front of the box, Patriot’s Viper Gaming logo (which we really enjoy looking at!) is present in the top left corner. Below that are a few key features such as “Kailh Box White Switches”, “Dust Resistant” and the periodic symbol for Aluminum referring to the “Aircraft Grade Aluminum Chassis”. A picture of the keyboard with the included magnetic wrist rest installed dominates most of the box. Several other badges (RGB, dust resistant, Kailh switches) and logos are located on the right-hand side of the box.

patriot viper v765 mechanical gaming keyboard review

The back of the box has detailed information/specs on the switches used as well as additional features on the keyboard. This space is also used for a description and a brief showcase of the Patriot’s Viper keyboard customization software.

patriot viper v765 mechanical gaming keyboard box

Unboxing the keyboard, we noticed the quality packing which included foam padded inserts to protect the keyboard during travel.

patriot viper v765 mechanical gaming keyboard unboxing

The keyboard is wrapped in plastic.

patriot viper v765 mechanical gaming keyboard review

Here are the included accessories: a magnetic wrist wrest, key removal tool and documentation envelope.

patriot viper v765 mechanical keyboard review

In addition to the quick start guide, inside the envelope are some stickers with the Patriot Viper logo.

patriot viper v765 mechanical rgb keyboard review

Upon looking at the Viper V765 mechanical gaming keyboard for the first time, we were struck by its extremely sharp look. The silver aluminum and black keys look great in person and the colors really pop. The Viper logo is present above the directional keys.

patriot viper v765 mechanical rgb gaming keyboard review

There are media controls including stop, play/pause, backward and forward in the top left corner. There is also a volume scroll wheel present in the top right corner.

patriot viper v765 keyboard review

Here is the V765 with its magnetic wrist wrest attached. The wrist rest has a soft rubber surface which is very comfortable. You can also see the single red braided USB cable which has an inline velcro cable management strap. It’s actually pretty compact for a full-size layout keyboard, we love it as so many other keyboard are filled with countless buttons we’ll never use.

patriot viper v765 rgb keyboard review

Here is the bottom of the keyboard, simple and standard.

patriot viper v765 gaming keybaord

Experience & Results

After extensively testing the V765 for several weeks in a wide variety of tasks, we’ve been very pleased. Starting with the white kalih box switches, they have a feel and sound. They’re almost a hybrid between a Cherry MX Red and Brown, a slight amount of tactility but very clean click noise that is solid but not too loud. In fact, we like the feel of these switches more than any of the Cherry MX Reds or Browns we’ve used over the years, they’re really that good.

patriot viper v765 mechanical rgb gaming keyboard review

Even after all our button mashing, nothing came loose or exhibited any problems which a great example of the build quality present in this keyboard. It’s not the most expensive unit but don’t let that fool you, Patriot spent time creating a solid keyboard at a mid-tier price for those looking to upgrade an entry level keyboard and step up to a modern RGB mechanical keyboard.

There is of course a downloadable software program which allows you to customize the RGB lighting, set profiles and record macro keystrokes.


Patriot’s latest keyboard is a solid entry and we have had a great overall experience with it. Between gaming sessions, typing long documents and everyday tasks, the Patriot Viper V765 mechanical RGB gaming keyboard has proved to be a solid, reliable unit. Aside from its performance, the V765 is a great looking board and doesn’t feel cheap or plasticky unlike many other boards at this price point. Patriot also includes a 2-year warranty with the V765, though we doubt you’ll ever need to use it.

Overall, the Patriot Viper V765 mechanical RGB gaming keyboard was a pleasant surprise and is a keyboard we’d recommend to anyone looking for an affordable, high quality RGB gaming keyboard!

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