Patriot Viper Gaming Oversized Mouse Pad Review: Super Size Smoothness

Today we are reviewing the Patriot Viper Gaming Oversized Mouse Pad in the Super Size, a product we’ve been most excited to test. Patriot as you know is a respected computer components company and lately they’ve made a huge splash in the gaming market with gamer oriented RAM, keyboards, mice, headsets and SSDs. Let’s see if their mouse pads are as good as those from rivals such as Corsair and Kingston (HyperX).

Unboxing & Overview

Here is the front of the box. You can Patriot’s Viper logo with a few pictures of the mouse pad. There is also a small cutout on the bottom where you can feel the mouse pad material.

patriot viper super size mouse pad

The side of the box shows off the two versions of the Oversized Mouse Pad. The Large Size measures at 17.7” x 12.6” x 0.1”. The Super Size version is twice as wide and slightly deeper, coming in at 35.4” x 15.8” x 0.1”.

mouse pad patriot viper xl

The back of the box shows off a few features such as the ultra smooth cloth weave, optical and laser mouse compatibility, switched edges, non slip rubber base and low friction tracking area.

patriot viper gaming super size mouse pad

Here is the mousepad stretched out.

patriot viper mouse pad

It is very large, and the cloth weave material is very soft yet smooth and solid. What we mean by this is that fuzz and debris slide right off and do not get trapped in the fibers of the mouse pad. The rubber underneath the mouse pad performs very well and did a great job securing the mouse pad to our glass desk.

patriot viper gaming mouse pad large

We tested several mice including Logitech gaming mice as well as a Microsoft Surface Precision mouse and they all move easily across the surface of this mouse pad.

patriot viper gaming mouse pad

Large mouse pads are extremely popular these days and for good reason, they provide enough room for both your keyboard and mouse, with plenty of room to move the mouse around. This allows you to use a lower DPI setting and make large mouse movements without slipping off the mouse pad because it’s too small.

patriot viper gaming v770 keyboard super size mouse pad
The Patriot Viper V770 mechanical gaming keyboard on the Viper Oversized Mouse Pad (Super Size).

In addition, large mouse mats clean up your desk and Patriot’s two Oversized mats excel in this regard. We love the fact that Patriot kept the design of these mousepads understated and minimal, with only their logo in the bottom right corner.

patriot viper gaming logo

We typically prefer no logos at all but Patriot’s is an exception, their Viper Gaming logo is simultaneously classy and interesting, therefore we don’t mind it at all.


We’ve loved our experience with the Patriot Viper Gaming Oversized Mouse Pad! The Super Size version is extremely spacious, looks fantastic and is very well made. This is a product that will no doubt serve you very well during day to day work, intense gaming sessions and everything in between!

performance computer editors choice award

Patriot has proven themselves a quality manufacturer of gaming computer components and peripherals and their mousepads are no exception. We highly recommend the Patriot Viper Gaming Oversized Mouse Pad!

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