Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED Wireless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review: Thin To Win

Today we are reviewing Logitech’s top tier wireless mechanical gaming keyboard, the Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED Wireless. This is one of the best-looking keyboards ever made and Logitech certainly managed to pack a ton of features into quite a diminutive footprint. There’s several different models to fit different user preferences based on key response. Furthermore, when paired with Logitech’s powerful G Hub software, the G915 seeks to be the most capable slim keyboard on the market. Let’s find out if it is!

Unboxing & Overview

We received the GL Linear switch version of the G915 however it is also available in GL Clicky and GL Tactile variants, more on these later. The front of the box shows off the G915 and has icons to denote features such as the LIGHTSPEED wireless technology, Linear key switches and Lightsync RGB.

logitech g915 box

The back of the box expands on said features as well as displays an enlarged image of the keyboard accentuating the volume wheel and media controls.

logitech g915 box back

Removing the top cover of the box reveals a shroud with the Logitech G branding protecting the keyboard.

logitech g915 unboxing

Here it is!

logitech g915 packaging

Underneath the keyboard is a charging wire as well as the USB receiver for wireless connectivity. The G915 also possesses Bluetooth connectivity.

logitech g915 accessories

The back of the keyboard is wrapped in protective plastic.

logitech g915 back

The G915 LIGHTSPEED wireless is an exceptionally well-made keyboard. It oozes quality and has a fantastic weight. It’s one of those products where the high-quality construction and materials are ever present.

logitech g915 keyboard review

The accessory box contains a few setup instructions, a Logitech G sticker and additional documentation.

logitech g915 wireless keyboard review

The keys are super thin, as is the keyboard. It all comes together in a svelte profile that both optimizes the small space it occupies yet doesn’t feel cramped. It’s remarkably strong too. While thin, this is not a product I would expect to break easily.

logitech g915 keys

The wireless switch is on the left side of the keyboard. It’s red when turned off, blue when tuned on.

logitech g915 power switch

Here you can also see the height of the G915 when the feet are popped out.

logitech g915 rgb lights

The included charging wire is braided and plenty long. The small USB receiver is the piece in the middle with “G915” printed on it. This plugs into any USB port on your computer and facilitates a wireless connection. If you are like me and prefer USB wireless over Bluetooth you’ll appreciate that Logitech thought to include the USB receiver as some products like the Microsoft Surface Precision mouse force Bluetooth on you as the only wireless connectivity option. The cable is micro-USB which I was surprised to see, I would have preferred that Logitech use USB-C instead.

logitech g915 usb cable

If, for some reason, the wireless connection is too weak when you plug the receiver into your computer, you can also attach the receiver to the charging wire with an included adapter and place it on your desk.

logitech g915 usb dongle

Here you can see the beautiful aluminum alloy top. It feels great and further exemplifies the luxurious experience. The media controls are perfectly spaced apart and positioned under what we believe to be the best volume wheel on a gaming keyboard. The volume wheel offers perfect response and feels fantastic. The media controls feature the essentials: reverse, play/pause, forward and mute.

logitech g915 media controls

The Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED Wireless is the perfect companion to the G915. The G915 features a full number pad which I personally love and find invaluable for work. It’s worth noting however that Logitech makes a ten keyless version of the G915 for users who want an even shorter keyboard.

logitech g915 g502 wireless

The keys have an oleophobic coating that resists fingerprints and has a very premium, smooth feel. No cheap plastic here and it certainly doesn’t feel as if they will wear out anytime soon.

logitech g915 wireless review

The G915 is of course fully featured and that extends to RGB lighting throughout except for the secondary legends. All the special characters such as $, & and @ are printed on the keys instead of being backlit. Now having used another keyboard (the Das Keyboard 4Q) that also suffers from this lack of lighting for the past several months, I can live with it. If Logitech were to ever revise this keyboard, they should remedy this by simply making the secondary characters backlit.

logitech g915 review


The namesake feature on the G915 is Logitech’s LIGHTSPEED wireless technology which achieves 1 ms responses times over a wireless connection making it virtually identical to a wired connection. In the past this would be unheard of but our experiences from the G502, now to the G915 have made us firm believers. When gaming you’d never would know that you’re on a wireless connection, it’s just that smooth. It also connects very easily, and we never experienced any interference issues or incompatibility with our devices.

Low profile design is another reason you would purchase a G915. This thing is remarkably thin and durable. The top is made of aluminum alloy while the base is steel-reinforced. The product certainly matches the price tag here and we were very impressed with the fit and finish of the G915.

logitech g915 wireless gaming keyboard

Keys are available in three choices: GL Clicky, GL Tactile and GL Linear. The clicky keys are as you’d expect, loud and responsive. The tactile key variant is a little softer yet still tactile. The linear keys are the most smooth and my personal preference. I love Cherry MX Brown switches on desktop keyboards and the I felt that the GL Linear were very similar. Not too loud and most importantly, enjoyable to type on all day.

The G915 features LIGHTSYNC RGB which allows you to customize the RGB lightning on a per key level.  Another lesser known feature is that the G915 auto dims when not in use and eventually goes to sleep, both features designed to maximize the battery life. Speaking of which Logitech’s 30-hour claim is definitely true and more. I set my brightness to about 70% was able to eke out a few more hours that way. It only takes a few hours to fully charge the keyboard again and there is never any downtime given that it can plugged in at any time.

logitech g915 lightspeed wireless rgb mechanical keyboard review

An interesting and useful benefit of the dual wireless technologies integrated into the G915 is that you can toggle between devices such as a desktop and a laptop rather seamlessly by simply switching between USB wireless and Bluetooth.

Logitech G Hub Software

Like the G502 LIGHTSPEED, the G915 uses Logitech’s G Hub customization software which allows a bevy of options ranging from lighting effects to complex macros.

Here you can go through several RGB presets such as color wave. You can configure whether the lighting effect runs in a horizontal or vertical pattern as well as set the brightness level for the keys.

logitech g hub g915 lightspeed wireless lightsync

You can also configure animations for more exciting key lighting. I am personally not a fan of RGB but I’m sure enthusiasts will enjoy the wide breadth of options here.

logitech g hub g915 lightspeed wireless rgb animations

The G915 has five customizable function keys which can be configured to execute simple commands such as opening the Run dialog box in Windows or open the Windows Game Bar. You can of course configure fully-fledged macros as well.

logitech g hub g915 macros

Another section labeled “Actions” allows you to set commonly used commands for specific programs like OBS and Discord.

logitech g hub g915 game mode

There is also a Game Mode setting which disables Windows keys to prevent accidental clicks while gaming.

logitech g hub g915 application actions


We absolutely love the Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED Wireless mechanical gaming keyboard. It is extremely well-made and while it has a hefty price tag compared to lesser alternatives, the G915 is a product made for those who want a top-tier product and the experience that such a product produces. The battery life is great, the wireless connection is LIGHTSPEED fast and feature set is compelling.

performance computer editors choice award

My only gripes were the lack of USB-C and no backlit secondary characters on the keys. Both minor and can be overlooked when the rest of the package is so enjoyable. If you are a gamer, coder or laptop user who wants a slim, wireless keyboard that is durable and has great key customization via software (Logitech G Hub), then you’ll love the G915 LIGHTSPEED Wireless. We are happy to award the Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED Wireless gaming keyboard our Editor’s Choice award!

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