EVGA Precision X1 Graphics Card Overclocking Software Review

Perhaps one of the best features of the new RTX 20-series cards is EVGA’s revamped Precision overclocking software, dubbed Precision X1. This new software is easily the best overclocking software available for Nvidia based cards, at the time of its release it only supported RTX 20-series cards, but GTX 10-series card support has been rolling out and improving as of December 2018. We used the EVGA RTX 2080 XC2 Ultra Gaming graphics card in the examples below.

The base screen displays your memory, GPU clock/voltage and power settings. We love the way EVGA added an interactive 3D PCB below the settings. When you mouseover memory settings for example, the memory chips on the virtual PCB are highlighted in purple.

evga precision x1 overclocking

Here is the GPU clock/voltage category selected, you can see the chip below highlighted in purple. This is a very nice touch and again shows just how much thought was put in to this fantastic overclocking software. 

evga precision x1 review

You can of course set fan curves as well.

evga precision x1 fan curves

Here’s the section labeled “LED”, it contains the RGB customization settings. Again, EVGA shows a virtual GPU so you can see which card you’re working on if you are using an SLI-based system. There are several RGB modes including static, breathing, rainbow, pulse and temperature. These LEDs can be synced with other EVGA products such as the EVGA CLC 240 and they can also be turned off.

evga precision x1 rgb settings

Here’s another setting where the temperatures are displayed over the various virtual PCB components.

evga precision x1 software

There’s also a hardware monitor section where you can track everything from GPU clock and memory clock speeds to temperatures, voltage, fan speeds as well as CPU temperatures.

evga precision x1 hwm hardware monitor

We absolutely love what EVGA has done here and they deserve credit for taking the time to design a software that’s elegant looking, well organized and extremely customizable!

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