Epos Sennheiser GSP 670 Wireless Gaming Headset Review: A Welcome Addition

Sennheiser has a deserved reputation for creating some of the best professional audio hardware and headsets, however its gaming headset lineup hasn’t experienced the same extreme popularity that Logitech’s Astro brand and fellow competitor SteelSeries do. Enter Epos Audio. The gaming division team at Sennheiser has now branched off and created their own brand dedicated to combining their vast knowledge of professional audio at Sennheiser with a mission to provide the ultimate gaming audio experience.

sennheiser gsp 670 review

The GSP 670 is Epos/Sennheiser’s first gaming headset that truly stands out in the high-end wireless gaming headset market. The GSP 670 is at the top of Epos/Sennheiser’s headset product stack; it sounds excellent and feels amazingly comfortable, however at $319 at the time of writing, is it worth the price? Let’s find out!


The packaging for the GSP 670 is high quality, as we have come to expect from Sennheiser products!

The front of the box is white with a large image of the GSP 670 wireless headset. It showcases features such as Bluetooth, low latency connection, and 20-hour battery life.

sennheiser gsp 670 box front

The back of the box features basic information about the features supported by the GSP 670 in 6 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.

sennheiser gsp 670 box back

Upon opening the box, we are greeting by the GSP 670 safely secured in foam.

sennheiser gsp 670 unboxing

The GSP 670 does not offer much in the way of accessories, the headset comes with a USB charging cable and a USB dongle.

sennheiser gsp 670 accessories

Here another shot of the box. It really is a nice box!

sennheiser gsp 670 packaging


Sennheiser follows suit with the same GSP family aesthetic, which looks quite futuristic. The headset is quite bulky but surprisingly, it is extremely comfortable. Sennheiser takes an approach that is rare nowadays in the age of RGB. The GSP 670 is quite muted with black and grey being used throughout its design. However, Sennheiser still allows you to customize the headset with branded cover plates available in their online store.

sennheiser gsp 670 wireless headset review

Weighing 368g, the GSP 670 is relatively heavier than most other premium headsets. However, throughout our testing we found the weight to be a good thing. First, the weight coupled with its design makes the GSP 670 truly feel and look like a premium product. Additionally, its weight makes the headset feel secure on your head without feeling overly heavy on your neck.

epos gsp 670 review

As you would expect, Sennheiser only used premium materials when designing this headset. The ear cups are quite large and feature memory foam with faux leather on the sides and a soft suede material on the top. The earcups connect to the headband via a metal arm that provides two pivoting points, allowing the headset to accommodate various head shapes and sizes. Sennheiser is also very generous with the GSP 670’s headband padding. The headband padding is extremely soft and did its job, keeping me very comfortable for long gaming sessions.

epos gsp 670 headset review

On the back of each earcup, you will find a large plastic circle. The right circle serves as a power switch and volume dial. Turning the dial from its leftmost position (muted volume) powers on the headset. The left circle contains the boom microphone that can be flipped up to mute it. On the bottom of the left ear cup, you will find a micro-USB port for charging along with a status LED and Bluetooth pairing switch. On the bottom of the right ear cup, you will find a chat volume dial and a programable button that changes the headset from stereo to virtual 7.1 surround by default.

sennheiser gsp 670 headset review

Audio Performance

The audio quality is simply incredible! The bass, treble, range and audio detail were superb regardless of the media playing. Music sounds great with the GSP 670, as one would expect when using a Sennheiser product. The bass is quite punchy and only gets better if you change the EQ settings. This is a key distinction compared to other premium gaming headsets such as the Astro A50s; while many premium gaming headsets sound terrific in games, they fall short in music listening sessions. Sennheiser managed to incorporate their industry leading audio tech in this gaming headset to make it uniquely useable for both.

sennheiser gsp 670 wireless gaming headset

Game sounds also sound terrific! Doom Eternal is the perfect game for this headset! Nothing beats the sound of tearing a demon in half! The huge arsenal of guns in the game all sound incredibly unique while packing quite a punch. And to top it all off, the background heavy metal music by Mick Gordon sounds incredible when paired with the GSP 670.

When paired with eSports titles like Valorant, the GSP 670 provides you with a competitive edge. It has great directional audio, allowing you to not only hear footsteps, but also locate where the enemy is coming from. Most virtual surround sound options available on gaming headsets don’t work very well and feel like a marketing gimmick. However, we are happy to say that the 7.1 virtual surround sound available with the GSP 670 works amazingly well!


The GSP 670’s boom microphone is also great after a few tweaks. Out of the box, the microphone may sound a little off. This is due to it defaulting to a warm voice setting. However, the Sennheiser app allows you to fully customize your microphone settings. Included in these customizations is a noise gate setting that does a great job at blocking unwanted background noise.

sennheiser gsp 670 mic


The Sennheiser Gaming Suite is easy to use and allows for quick EQ curve, surround sound and microphone customizations as well as battery monitoring.

This is the main settings page where you can update the Gaming Suite software and headset firmware. This page also offers other settings such as blocking notifications and placing your headset in auto sleep.

sennheiser gsp 670 software

In the Playback tab, you can change the EQ curve from one of their presets as well as create and save your own curve. You can also adjust the volume, reverberation level and playback mode (2.0 or 7.1 surround). You can also conduct a sound test with different EQ curves to pick the one you like the most.

sennheiser gsp 670 equalizer

In the Microphone tab, you have voice enhancer settings, mic options, and noise cancellation settings.

sennheiser gsp 670 settings

Battery Life

Sennheiser advertises a 20-hour battery life while connected to their provided wireless dongle. After testing, we are happy to say that their claim holds true! 20 hours is plenty of battery life for a premium wireless gaming headset like the GSP 670. We do not expect consumers to have any problems, even if they are heavy gamers. It’s great to depend on a product where the manufacturer’s claims are just as accurate as real-world testing.


performance computer editors choice award

Long have we waited for Sennheiser to fully commit to the premium gaming headset market. The Epos/Sennheiser GSP 670 is just that, one of the best wireless gaming headsets on the market. The GSP 670 provides uncompromising sound quality, regardless of the media you are playing. It makes music and games sound superb and can give you a competitive advantage in eSports titles with its great audio directionality. At $319, the GSP 670 is not cheap, but we believe it’s worth the investment if you truly want to enjoy games the way they were meant to be played, with immersive audio that pulls you in whatever world you are navigating through.

We are happy to award the Epos/Sennheiser GSP 670 our Editor’s Choice Award!

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