Apple iPhone X Review: Is Apple’s Latest iPhone Worth Buying?

  • iPhone X is very speedy and responsive
  • The OLED screen is magnificent with its vivid colors and deep blacks
  • Battery life is the best I’ve experienced in a smartphone
  • You won’t miss the home button, swiping is better

I haven’t had an iPhone since the iPhone 4 and haven’t ever consistently used a smartphone. However, work dictated that I use a smartphone every day so here’s a review for anyone considering one of the most expensive phones on the market.

iphone x review

Fast, Fast, Fast!

As always, I won’t bore you with an extensive run down of the technical specs, for those so inclined go to Apple’s iPhone X product page. I will tell you that Apple’s new A11 Fusion 6-core processor is fast! Turning the phone on, opening applications and switching between them are all lightning fast. I haven’t experienced any lag at all. The phone hasn’t frozen on me once and I don’t think it ever will.

Beautiful Body & Display

The device itself feels fantastic in the hand. It has a great weight and oozes quality. The Space Gray color is rich and fantastic. It’s a shame to put a case on such a beautiful device but I decided not to purchase Apple Care or insurance. I’m currently searching for a high-quality case that doesn’t add too much bulk, a review of which will follow.

The 5.8-inch OLED screen is gorgeous, the colors are vivid, and the blacks are deep. Text is ultra-crisp and very easy to read. Thanks to the omission of the home button, there’s plenty of screen real estate to enjoy. The notch at the top of the screen is something I initially thought would bother me but has largely gone unnoticed.

I’ve personally compared the X’s screen to an iPhone 7 Plus’s and an iPhone 6’s screen and found that while the 7 Plus model did have a slightly larger screen, the colors on both older models looked washed out compared to the X. The blacks are not as deep, and this becomes very apparent in the sunlight. Apple nailed the screen on the X.

Phenomenal Battery Life

My favorite feature is the remarkable battery life. I consistently go at least 3 days between charges. I’m not on my phone 24/7 but I use it often every day to make calls, check emails, go on the internet and stream an hour or so of music. Here’s my secret. I keep my screen brightness under 50%. I routinely close applications I am no longer using. I don’t use Wi-Fi. If I use Bluetooth in the car, I turn it off as soon as I’m done driving.

I enjoy going to the battery section of the settings app to marvel at how many hours this thing has been operating since the last charge!

More Than Adequate Camera

Not much to say here aside from phenomenal picture and video quality. This phone takes stunning photos and unless you are a professional photographer or videographer, there’s simply no need for anything else. For some time, iPhones have had great cameras and while yes, this camera is the best so far, it’s not that much better than the 7 Plus. I love the live photo feature, which takes a few seconds of video when you take a picture. Those few seconds of video add to the moment you are capturing.

No Home Button, No Problem

When Apple announced that the iPhone X would omit the home button, I was one of the few people who were thrilled to hear about it. I never liked the home button, it’s just another part on the phone that can be damaged or broken. Over the years I remember hearing about people taking their iPhones in to an Apple store to have a stuck home button fixed. Not anymore.

Apple could however, do away with the virtual home button bar at the bottom of the screen. It’s unnecessary and there should be an option to turn it off for those who don’t want to see it. I know I can swipe up from every app and go to the home screen, I don’t need an icon reminding me of this while taking up screen space in the process.

You can swipe up and hold for the app switcher and quick swipe left and right at the bottom to switch between recent applications. Swiping is much more efficient compared to pushing the home button and once you get used to it, it becomes second nature. It’s the new norm and there’s no reason to fear it.

No Mention of Face ID?

Indeed, there’s been no mention of the iPhone X’s signature “security” feature. I don’t care for or use it. Now it’s been mentioned.

Choosing The iPhone X

When I was deciding on a smartphone, it came down to the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I don’t have loyalty to either company. I don’t use a Mac, iPad or Samsung Galaxy tablet so I wasn’t trapped in an existing ecosystem. My requirements were something new, fast and sleek looking that would simply get the job done. I don’t use a lot of apps or depend on my phone for all my computing tasks. The iPhone X fit the bill perfectly, but the Note 8 was very close.

iPhone X Vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

A co-worker of mine uses the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and I spent a few hours on it over the past few weeks, so a short comparison could be made.

First, I’ll say that the 6.3-inch Super AMOLED screen on the Note 8 is beautiful and spacious. One of the features on the Note is the ability to split two apps side by side and I initially thought this would be useless on a smartphone because even at 6.3 inches, the screen is still nowhere near the size of a computer monitor. It works surprisingly well for productivity tasks such as writing in Word while looking at a web page for reference.

The device itself is much like the iPhone X in that it feels great in the hand and possesses a quality texture, the curved screen begs to be touched and the phone has a very slim profile. Android phones have had a reputation for occasionally freezing and requiring a restart however the Note 8 is very fast and didn’t ever lock up on me.

I personally never took advantage of the signature feature S pen. Having a stylus on a smartphone is certainly a unique feature that undoubtedly sets it apart from the competition but one for which I have no use. It’s also a large device and I wanted something small which is why I never considered the iPhone 8 Plus. The Plus models are just too damn big.

Overall if you are a fan of Android, the Note 8 is sure to impress, and you will be happy with your purchase. It has an additional 2GB of RAM compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8 which should help it remain a serviceable phone for years to come.


Simply put, I like and would recommend the iPhone X. If you have an iPhone 6S or older model including the Plus versions, upgrading to the X is a no brainer. You’ll love the speediness, beautiful display, excellent battery life and improved cameras.

If you have an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus and want the latest and greatest, again I would recommend it. Don’t fear the lack of a home button, after a week of acclimation you’ll forget about it completely.

However, if you are a current iPhone 7 Plus owner and don’t want a smaller phone, you might want to see what Apple announces in 2018. I anticipate a Plus version of the X will surface, however I wouldn’t hold out for any killer features on an iPhone XS.

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