ADATA XPG PRECOG Gaming Headset Review: Affordable Quality

As the world’s first dual-driver pro-gaming headset, the XPG PRECOG Gaming Headset, covers both high and low frequencies to provide you with distortion-free audio as you strive to achieve the perfect gaming experience. The plushy, memory foam ear cushions and auto-adjusting headband are reminiscent of a studio quality headset and comfortable enough for an extended gaming session.

In the Box

The headset is accompanied by a matte, hard carrying case to ensure that it remains scratch free when on the go. It also comes with a USB Type-C wire controller with a DSP sound card, a 3.5mm wired cable with in-line controller, a Type A to Type C cable, a Y-splitter cable and a detachable microphone.

adata xpg precog review

The different cables allow you to mix and match the headset for different platforms such as PC, laptop or gaming console, as well as allow you to plug the headset directly into a controller or console itself.

The USB Type-C features an inline amplifier and DAC. With most new laptops replacing the Type-A USB port with a Type-C port, these headphones will support both new and old laptops. There is also an extension cable that converts the Type-C into a Type-A.

adata xpg precog

If opting for the traditional audio jack, the braided 3.5mm cable is available but does not feature an amplifier. The audio jack includes audio adjustment and a mute option.

With a different mesh compartment for each cable, you are unlikely to misplace or tangle anything. The case itself is sturdy, but slightly too bulky to simply just carry around without a backpack.

adata xpg precog gaming headset review

Sound Quality

The headphone features dual hybrid drivers — two electrostatic and two dynamic — and sounds modes such as FPS 7.1 Surround Sound and Music Mode.

It is in the Surround Sound mode that you get the full gaming experience. Footsteps are clear and crisp, and bullets register on either the right or left headphone according to which direction they are coming from in relation to your character in game. The depth of field when it comes to sound is incredible, something nearer to you is distinctly louder and apparent as opposed to something farther away. The environmental noise cancellation (ENC) was also impressive and ensures a fully immersive experience even within a loud atmosphere.

adata xpg precog gaming headset

The sound quality does lack bass and is very treble-heavy in FPS mode and carries slightly more bass in Music Mode. This causes the punch and deeper tones in the games to fall behind the higher tones.

The microphone is crisp and comfortable, it is highly adjustable and stays put even if you move around.


This over-the-ear headset allows you to stay comfortable even through those extended gaming sessions. The plush, memory foam ear cushions ensure a perfect fit to provide the ENC effect. The cushions also supply more depth and comfort on the top to guarantee that the foam does not pressure the neck or jaw. The rotatable cups swivel 90 degrees to provide a perfect fit, maximum comfort and complete noise cancellation.

adata xpg precog headset review

The ear cushions are replaceable, but I found it slightly difficult to put them back on. The underside of the cushion has a flimsy plastic that locks into a slot on the headphone that circles the cup itself. The cushion must be meticulously put into the exact slot for it to secure — it took me about 5 minutes to put the cushion back one, which is a little unreasonable when compared to Astro’s A40s which use magnetic ear cushions.

The headset features two straps, although only one serves a purpose. The lower strap auto-adjusts, but only to a certain extent. I found the headphones moderately large on myself but had no way to fix this issue. The upper strap simply adds height to the headphones, adding a colorful element to the black headphones with touches of bright red.


Overall, the ADATA XPG PRECOG is a great headset, especially at the current listed price of $115. This headset impressed us and can compete with other more established brands such as Astro, Razer, and Steel Series. For an entirely new product for the company, ADATA made a really great headset and will undoubtedly improve it with each new generation. For the money, you really can’t beat the XPG PRECOG and it’s certainly worth a try when you’re ready to enter the arena of quality gaming headsets.

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