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Welcome to Performance Computer. We provide the best tech product reviews with no agenda or loyalty to any company like most tech review sites. Instead, we thoroughly test and honestly review electronics, computer components and peripherals to present you with the truth. Make the most informed decision when purchasing tech products after reading about them here.

Our build guides feature high-end computers in the best cases on the market. Stay up to date with important tech news and learn how to maximize your security and privacy online. See our learning section to understand how computer components function and improve your Windows 10 experience by adding useful features and removing the garbage added to Microsoft’s current OS.

Recent Articles

ultrawide battlestation setup

2020 Ultrawide Battlestation Setup

A question I’m often asked is “What is your current setup?”. My answer is different almost every time as my...

logitech g502 lightspeed wireless mouse

Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse Review: World’s Best Mouse

One of the products we’ve most anticipated reviewing, is the Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless gaming mouse. Based on the design...

gigabyte x570 aorus xtreme motherboard review

GIGABYTE X570 Aorus Xtreme Motherboard Review: Perfect Ryzen Pairing

The release of the X570 chipset alongside Ryzen 3000 series processor has brought many feature-rich AMD motherboards. The Gigabyte X570...

adata xpg precog headset review

ADATA XPG PRECOG Gaming Headset Review: Affordable Quality

As the world’s first dual-driver pro-gaming headset, the XPG PRECOG Gaming Headset, covers both high and low frequencies to provide...

rhinoshield mod nx iphone 11 review

RhinoShield Mod NX iPhone 11 Case Review: Sleek & Luxurious

Early last year we reviewed RhinoShield’s Mod NX for iPhone X. We found the customization of the bumper and backplates...

xpg battleground xl mouse pad box

ADATA XPG Battleground XL & Battleground XL Prime Gaming Mouse Pad Review

The XPG Battleground XL and Battleground XL Prime are some of the latest premium computer accessories from ADATA’s XPG (Xtreme...

astro c40 tr review

Astro C40 TR Gaming Controller Review: Best PS4 & PC Controller

The Astro brand has been well known for its high-end gaming headsets. However, since its acquisition by Logitech, Astro has...

sliger sm580 build guide

Sliger SM580 Build Guide & Review: Bigger & Better

Today we’ll be building in the Sliger SM580 Mini ITX computer case. The SM580 is the big brother of the...

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