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At Performance Computer we provide the best tech product reviews. We have no agenda or loyalty to any company like most tech review sites. Instead we thoroughly test and honestly review electronics, computer components and peripherals to present you with the truth. Our goal is to help consumers make the most informed decision when researching and purchasing tech products.

Check out our build guides to see high-end computers in some of the best cases on the market. Stay up to date with important tech news and learn how to maximize your security and privacy online. See our learning section to understand how computer components function and improve your Windows 10 experience by adding useful features and removing the garbage added to Microsoft’s current OS.

Recent Articles

humanscale m8.1 review

Humanscale M8.1 Monitor Arm Review: Best Monitor Arm

Continuing our quest for the best monitor mounting solution, today we will be reviewing the Humanscale M8.1 monitor arm. It...

Rain Design iSlider iPhone/iPad Holder Review: Best Smartphone Stand

Rain Design iSlider iPhone/iPad Holder Review: Best Smartphone Stand

To complete our Rain Design accessory lineup, Rain Design sent out their new iSlider portable iPhone/iPad holder for review. To...

rain design mstand review

Rain Design mStand Silver Laptop Stand Review: Tipping Point

Another day, another Rain Design laptop stand review! We absolutely loved Rain Design’s mTower vertical laptop stand and when they...

adata spectrix d60g rgb ram review

Adata XPG Spectrix D60G RGB RAM Review: Dazzling Diamonds

Today we will be reviewing Adata’s XPG Spectrix D60G, which has more RGB lighting surface than any other RAM module...

acer predator x35 review

Acer Predator X35 35” Ultrawide Gaming Monitor Review: Best Gaming Ultrawide

Today we will be reviewing the Acer Predator X35 35” ultrawide gaming monitor. Acer’s take on the new 3440 x...

gigabyte x570 i aorus pro wifi ryzen 3700x

Gigabyte X570 I Aorus Pro Wi-Fi Motherboard Review: Best Ryzen 3000 ITX Board

With the launch of AMD’s new Ryzen 3000 processors, a new set of X570 motherboards has been released by Gigabyte....

herman miller flo monitor arm review

Herman Miller Flo Monitor Arm Review: Form Over Function

The Herman Miller Flo monitor arm is among the best-looking monitor arms you can purchase and today we will be...

secrid card protector review

Secrid Cardslide Card Protector Review: Best Metal RFID Credit Card Wallet

Today we are reviewing a striking product called the Secrid Cardslide Card Protector. It is a small metal case that...

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