Antec Torque Build Guide Update: Bitspower Touchaqua & Vertical GPU

A few months after completing our custom water cooled Antec Torque build, we upgraded it with a vertical GPU mount, new pump/res combo unit, CPU block, thermal sensor and flow meter. This was done to change the build style from a complicated loop featuring several bends to a more organized loop focused on parallel runs with a better thermal sensor and flow meter.

antec torque custom build

To achieve this, first we replaced our old EK pump/res combo with a new Bitspower Touchaqua XYZ PWM Pump Reservoir Combo.

bitspower touchaqua xyz reservoir

This new unit allowed us to connect the GPU block back into the reservoir which then connects to the CPU block.

bitspower touchaqua xyz pwm pump reservoir combo

We also felt that a single GPU left too much free space in the bottom half of the case, so we opted to vertically mount the GPU with the Cooler Master Vertical Graphics Card Holder Kit with Riser Cable.

cooler master vertical gpu holder

This combination does a better job at filling such a large case.

bitspower touchaqua digital thermal sensor

We replaced the EKWB RGB CPU block with a BarrowCH CPU Water Block with Digital Color Display which indicates CPU temperature on the display.

barrowch cpu block digital display

A Bitspower Touchaqua Digital Thermal Sensor with OLED Display replaced our previous bulky Thermaltake sensor.

parallel water cooling loop

As a finishing touch, we installed a Barrowch Digital OLED Flow Meter.

antec torque vertical gpu

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