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SSUPD Meshroom S Build Guide & Review: LOBO + QDT Edition

ssupd meshroom s build guide and review

This is the first part in a series we will be doing on the SSUPD Meshroom S SFF (small form factor) computer case. In this build we will be featuring an Intel Core i9-13900K + an RTX 3080 for a workstation build. In Part 1, we will be custom water cooling the CPU and GPU with a 280mm radiator using only a CPU pump block combo unit with no internal reservoir. This will be accomplished by using Koolance’s latest QDT quick disconnects in combination with the Modultra LOBO CPU block + pump heatsink…

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HP Blackbird 002 Build Guide & Review: Looking Back At A Classic

hp blackbird review

In this build guide we look at one of the first computers I built which to this day remains among my favorites. I chose a rare and highly sought-after case that was the originally sold in 2007 by HP shortly they acquired VoodooPC. It’s called the HP Blackbird 002 and its chassis was used as the basis for my first workstation machine. Locating the ideal Blackbird case proved to be quite a challenge however…

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